Let Me Drive You On Your Journey To Success
    Business Performance and Eternal Perspective
     Convene is the venue for amazing business growth, increased profits, and risk management, but it also is a place for spiritual maturing. It is a life changing experience that will affect you on more levels than you can imagine. If you have “made it” in all aspects of your life, then you won’t be interested in what Convene has to offer you, your family, or your business.
 But if you:
…value Learning and Growth, and desire Wise Business Counsel from successful business peers – CEOs and Business Owners like yourself
…realize that you are in a Process called Life, and that maybe you don’t have it all together yet Spiritually, or Personally, or Relationally, or even in Business
…desire to build your Life and Business on God’s Principles
…need a Safe and Confidential Environment to work on and resolve real Challenges and Opportunities
… are looking for Supportive Accountability from Trusted Peers, and 
are willing to reciprocate with your Business and Life Experiences
…long to leave a Legacy that honors God, your Family, your Friends, Key Employees, and countless Business Associates
…then you are a Christian Leader who has no Financial or Spiritual Choice, but to become a Convene Member, in order to insure all aspects of your Future Success in this Journey that we call Life!
Are you  prioritizing God, Family, and Businesss in the proper order, or at all? Does it seem like you live in a success driven world that makes you feel like you have no other choice but to live in a Business, Family, God bubble, if you ever hope to survive financially. Are you running your Business or is your Business running you? Are the Daily Demands mind bending and back breaking some days?  Do you wish for Margin in your life, pray for Balance, wonder if you can ever find some kind of break in the Isolation that you know as Leadership?
Unlike the Dead Sea Scrolls that were lost for thousand of years in the caves of Qumran, the answers to your needs, probems, and more, are not lost. These answers can be found in the Scriptures, and they are just  waiting for you to discover them for yourself. If many of these answers have seemed lost to you all of these years, it is simply because you have not chosen the right path to unlock the timeless Wisdom found in Scripture.
Convene and Your Forum of Christian Business Peers is that Path.
Through the unlocked secrets of Scripture, and the Wise Counsel of your Business Peers, Convene and I will help you discover a greater degree of all that you seek. Success, personally and professionally, Margin, Balance, Peace, Growth, Fulfillment, and ultimately, Significnace, both Spiritually and Relationally.
                 Come Join Us Now!
Ken Stiles
Convene Chair