Let Me Drive You On Your Journey To Success
Pursuit of Business Excellence While
Achieving a Life of Significance
I am a businessman, father, grandfather, son, entrepreneur, husband, friend, brother, and church leader. Also, a fellow Christian in Crisis Mode struggling just like so many of you to survive this Pilgrimage we call “Life”.
   I have been married for over 40 years. Much of the credit goes to my bride, but mostly to God who has blessed us both with the faith that  has sustained us thru our rocky times. Life has its ups and downs without a doubt, but I can truly say that my life has been a real Adventure in Faith.
   I love big motorcycles, old movies, fast boats, challenging books,  smash mouth football, mind bending chess games, and of course, just kicking back with my friends. I have four daughters and they embody, all by themselves, so many stories of blessings and heartaches alike. At last count, I have nine grandkids, six of which are boys – finally! 
I am very family oriented, but also love to travel as well. I have been in all 50 states, Canada from coast to coast, Mexico, Latin America, and most of the Carribean. I have visited all Seven Continents, even Antarctica. After visiting more than 50 countries on this globe and still counting, I have seen how Americans have been blessed beyond compare.
  Like many of you, I am always looking for ways to give back to my God and my Fellow Man, in recognition of and gratitude for those Blessings. Since Mentoring is as old as Civilization itself, this is the Path that I have chosen to achieve my Life of Significance
In summary, I have 60+ years of life experiences, from the Good to the Bad, and yes, even the Ugly, that I would be pleased to share with you when we come together one day. Our True Success together will emerge as I engage you in fierce, but meaningful conversations that will provoke significant change in your Business, Personal, and Spiritual Life.
Are you ready to embrace the Decision that will surely become one of the
 “Defining Moments of Your Life”?
   If you are interested in the man who currently Coaches Executives, Consults with Businesses wanting to thrive and not just survive, and also Chairs these Convene Peer to Peer Mentoring Groups, not to mention the specifics of my Business and Life Experiences, please click on the document below to review my Business Resume and Bio.