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Empowering Leadership 
Changing the World Market Place
Ken Stiles, Executive Business Coach
BBA, MBA, PhD Business Communications
CPLC – Certified Professional Leadership Coach
PCC – Process Consultant Certification
I am an Executive Business Coach, Mentor, and Confidante for CEO’s, Presidents, and Christian Business Owners of Multi Million Dollar Companies. The Organizations that I choose to partner with like Convene, Design Group International, Global Advance,  Generous Giving, and other like minded organizations  have created powerful venues beyond description for “Wise Counsel” and “Peer to Peer” Mentoring for the multi dimensional advancement of hard driven CEO’s, Presidents, and Business Owners.
Our objectives are to create target strategies that will greatly increase profitability, allow you to easily recognize opportunities for growth, and create smart alliances and acquisitions. We also endeavor to minimize business liabilities and establish effective criteria for successful business decision processes.
For those Executives selected to be part of or to associate with this Elite Group of Professionals, it will truly become a life changing experience without equal. When you become a part of a group of high level Executives with 200 to 300 years of business experience, the possibilities for your business have no limits. Our Members also experience unparralled growth in most areas of their personal and professional lives in powerful and unprecedented fashion. The Universal Truths of “Wise Counsel” can now be experienced through these incredibly powerful venues.</span</span
 My Business Goal and Personal Mission at Leadership On Demand is to help you think thru, and work thru business questions, family challenges, unresolved personal conflicts, and faith based issues. As a Christian Leader you are called to cope with the issues of modeling your personal faith in all areas of Business, Marriage, Parenthood, Church Leadership, and diverse Cultural Issues in these conflicted and confusing times.
Whatever issues that you may face in your business or personal life,
you are not the first person to face them, and you will not be the last. The best decision that an Executive burdened with great  responsibility can make in their life is to seek wise counsel. Executives must surround themselves with other successful CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners like themselves, who share struggles common to all people in leadership. Like you, there are many Executives that are in search of answers to Life’s most difficult questions. These Answers are not easily discovered if you insist on standing against Business and Personal Challenges –
I hope that you will seriously consider joining me and others like
yourself  in one of our many venues as we endeavor to navigate this Journey called Life. We all encounter relationship complexities and personal pitfalls that make our Journey frustrating, and even painful. We will explore together how to survive financially, emotionally, and spiritually in the 21st century.
We will discover as a committed group of Christian Business Leaders just what it means to be successful in this World, while  still  maintaining our Faith, Personal Values, and Business Integrity.
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              (817) 800-9966          
               401 Buttercup Circle, Mansfield Texas 76063